COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – College football is back and Buckeye fans are ready to cheer on the team.

Buckeye Nation brought the excitement Saturday for Ohio State football’s season opener and it marked a good boost for businesses.

“It feels fantastic,” The O on Lane owner Ed Gaughan said. “You can tell by the energy in the crowd, the excitement on campus, people running around, the chants in the background.”

The O on Lane was packed for game day, and Gaughan said this is when he sees an uptick in business.

“It’s fantastic because it’s the fall habits, it’s the traditions,” he said.

Those traditions are observed on the Ohio State campus.

“It’s just so fun and the energy, walking to the Show, is awesome, and just having all the traditions, too, for game day, like the chants, the songs, it’s just awesome,” Buckeye fan Hailey Houtenbrink said.

And those traditions extend into the city as well.

“We grew up here, but it’s like this is our place,” Buckeye fan Molly Glaze said. “This is what we do every weekend.”

“Dying, it’s finally back,” Buckeye fan Amy Glaze added. “We have season tickets.”

Some are even already looking ahead to the game against That State Up North.

“If the game is away at Michigan, we host a huge party on our patio,” Buckeye fan M.K. Eramo said. “We’ve had Michigan toilet paper before at this party; like, we go all out.” 

Next Saturday, the Buckeyes will host Youngstown State for a noon kickoff at the Shoe, and Buckeye Nations is ready to bring even more excitement.