COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – An eight-year-old boy was awakened by a domestic incident and called for help, which resulted in an arrest on the southeast side of Columbus.

According to court documents, Brandon Dudley was arrested after an alleged domestic dispute in an apartment complex on the 3200 block of Winter Lane Park in the Walnut Hills neighborhood.

A Franklin County Municipal Court affidavit said that late Sunday night Dudley became upset over food and began yelling. Dudley then reportedly assaulted the victim by way of strangulation several times to where the victim was unable to breathe.

The victim was able to break free and run out the front door, but police said Dudley dragged her back into the home and began to strangle her again. The victim’s eight-year-old son woke up during the incident and called the police.

When CPD arrived, Dudley reportedly would not allow officers to enter the residence. Police then tried to break down the door when they heard screaming, but the boy was able to unlock the door and let authorities inside.

Police said Dudley, who was issued a $400,000 bond at an arraignment hearing Tuesday morning, tried to escape out the back door but was detained before he could escape. He is next scheduled to appear in court June 1. He faces charges of kidnapping (two counts), domestic violence by assault, assault and a probation violation.