COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The benefit of having the Mid-Ohio Farm at NBC4 is teaching others how to grow vegetables.

Part of the mission is to grow nearly 300,000 pounds of food on the 2.7-acre lot annually while teaching the neighbors how they may accomplish similar results by using the same techniques.

“One of the things we call our Mid-Ohio farms is edu-farms,” said President and CEO of Mid-Ohio Food Collective Matt Habash. “We can teach neighbors how to grow vertically on their own patio.”

The farm will grow more than five times as much by growing upward instead of traditional horizontal farming. The techniques being used at the local urban farm can be implemented at home. One of the best ways to learn how the process works is to volunteer yourself or your corporate groups to help.

“It absolutely critical to have volunteers in here because there is still a lot of work to do, from setting everything up and getting started,” Habash said.

The first harvest is expected towards the end of August, and there is still plenty of work to finish before that can happen. Also, lending a hand is a great way to help others when the need is great.

“We are in need of food right now and to have food grow here to support these neighbors right now is awesome,” Habash said.

Getting involved at any part of the Mid-Ohio Food Collective is easy. Click here for the details to sign up and schedule your time to volunteer.