COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – With inflation rates still climbing and the housing market slowing, some are starting to ask the question, ‘Are we in a recession?’

Some economists said data released this week and next will help determine that.

There’s no easy way to put it: The U.S. economy is a mixed bag of ups and downs right now, and there are no signs of that changing any time soon.

There are both very good signs and very bad signals happening in economic news right now.

Some of the good news: Unemployment is low at 3.6 percent, and is expected to stay low with more than 11 million job openings and almost 6 million available workers to fill them.

Consumers are also still spending a lot of money.

But the bad side: Record-high inflation is having an impact on what those consumers are buying.

Some businesses have cut jobs in anticipation of a potential recession, and consumer confidence numbers released Tuesday have also dropped for the third straight month.

Nationwide’s Chief Economist David Berson said he doesn’t believe we’re in a recession yet, but rather, experiencing something called “stagflation.”

“Stagnant economy, inflation, high prices, so stagflation, and that’s never a positivity thing,” he said. “And that’s why consumer confidence really is at a relatively low level right now. People don’t like slow growth. They don’t like inflation, so right now, while the economy may not be in recession, it’s not doing all that well.”

Some economists believe a recession isn’t that far off.