COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — As Eastland Mall officially shut its doors on Saturday, a small business that called the mall home is now searching for a new location.

“Anthony’s Nu Wave Entertainment” opened in Eastland more than two years ago in July of 2020. Founded by Tony and Tina Fleisher, the small business aimed to provide a variety of family entertainment, community outreach and worship services. The couple learned in November they needed to shut their doors by Dec. 31.

(Courtesy Photo/Tony Fleisher)

“We had hope that the Eastland Mall was going to come back up and everything was going to be great again,” said Tina. “It was really good at first right after the pandemic, but a lot of the things we didn’t know because we’re on the outside.”

The pair have been moving out of Eastland for the last month. On Saturday, they took time to reflect on what their small business meant to them.

“Oh my gosh it was really really nice, the atmosphere, it was wonderful it was warm,” said Tina Fleisher. “There were LED lights, flat screen TVs, large TVs all around, and when you look straight ahead it was the big black and red back drop that said Anthony’s Nu Wave [Entertainment] with the high bar and stools and so forth.”

As they pack to leave, the pair said there are still so many questions.

“Everything is just packed up in storage, we don’t know what’s going to come next,” Tina said. “It’s a struggle, I’m only human.”

She said they’re keeping the faith, but it’s tough. Still, the pair said their goal is to find a new place as soon as possible.