COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The first fast-casual kosher restaurant in Columbus has found a home on the East Side.

Saba Middle Eastern Grill is poised to open a kosher-certified stall at 212 Kelton Ave. in the Historic Trolley District’s East Market in coming weeks, according to the market’s director of operations and leasing Aubrey Stevens. An exact opening date has yet to be announced.

Its menu will include Middle Eastern specialties like shawarma and falafel, hummus and baba ganoush, and a slew of starters and mains, Stevens said. Vegetarian options will also be available.

Kosher refers to food that complies with Jewish dietary laws, which impose various restrictions on the purchase and production of animal products and their derivatives, and dairy and grape products, according to OK Kosher Certification. To become kosher-certified, a food business must undergo inspection by a Rabbinic administrator.

The East Market is waiting to solidify the vendor’s final permits and expects to open Saba in the next few weeks, Stevens said.