COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Earth Day is all about learning how you can reduce your carbon footprint, and you are never too young to learn how to be eco-conscious.

Seeds of Caring had an Earth Day event aimed at showing kids of all ages how they can be planet protectors. Kids were able to participate in activities aimed at helping the Earth, like tree planting and making wildflower seed balls to help central Ohio’s pollinators.

“They’re really learning how they can care for our planet today and far into the future,” says Seeds of Caring founder and executive director Brandy Jemczura. Little Naomi Thomas and her family were able to get their hands dirty.

“I planted seeds so the trees could come so the air could stay clean,” says Naomi.

And her conservation efforts don’t stop after Earth Day. “I made a sign that said you needed to not use water too much because you are wasting water,” says Naomi. “I said we had to take showers for one minute and not take any baths.”

Naomi’s mom says it’s important to teach her young kids about small things they can do to be kind to the Earth so the family loves events like this one. “I guess just ways to help the earth, right? And ways to just be more green and more conscious about our environment and the impact we have,” says Ami Thomas.

Helping the Earth does not just have to be big projects and events. You can also make a difference through small things, like making composting and recycling a daily habit.

“It just really means finding ways that every child can be a change-maker in their community, finding ways that they can take care of our planet,” says Jemczura. “What are the actionable things that they can do today?”

Jemczura says she hopes kids left the event knowing how they can make a difference this Earth Day.