COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — With a tight race for U.S. Senate, Republican candidate JD Vance and Democratic candidate Tim Ryan are working to set themselves apart. For some voters, the two debates helped make their choice.

“Watching the debate, I actually wanted to listen to the issues that affect me personally,” said voter Juliet Daiy. “And see who has the right ideas on those issues and I made up my decision.”

“It actually didn’t change my mind,” said voter Susan Steinman. “I knew exactly who I wanted to vote for and really resonated with what he said on the debate stage.”

Despite more than 80% of voters saying it is important to see a debate, according to an NBC4-Emerson College and the Hill Poll, voters like Steinman said their minds were made up going in.

“I think candidates have a responsibly to share their view with the public and to discuss their opposing views with each other,” said voter Larry Moses.

“It reaffirmed my opinions on both of them,” voter Adam Bidwell said.

Some voters said they think the debates have become more about personalities than issues.

“The vitriol and the jousting between the candidates, the theatrics, all of that gets in the way of one’s ability to really learn in any meaningful way what the candidate stand for,” Moses said.

“It ends up becoming a ‘gotcha contest’ between the two of them,” Bidwell said.

We are less than three weeks away from election day on Nov. 8, but you can cast your ballot now in early voting.