COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has ordered the state to stop buying and selling vodka made by a Russian-owned distillery after the country invaded Ukraine earlier this week.

DeWine has directed the Ohio Department of Commerce to stop both the buying and selling of vodka made by Russian Standard, the only overseas, Russian-owned vodka distillery selling the spirit in Ohio.

Russian Standard vodka is sold under the brand names Green Mark Vodka and Russian Standard Vodka.

In a statement from DeWine’s office, the Ohio Division of Liquor Control estimates there are approximately 6,400 bottles of vodka made by Russian Standard currently on sale in the state’s 487 liquor stores.

The state said other brands of vodka, even those with Russian names, are bought by the state from distilleries outside of Russia.

Ohio’s move joins a growing list of states, bars, and liquor stores pulling Russian-manufactured spirits from their shelves after Russia launched an invasion of the country Wednesday morning.

Also on Saturday, DeWine declared Sunday an Ohio Day of Prayer for the people of Ukraine and will be attending services at St. Andrew Ukrainian Catholic Church in Parma Sunday.

Additionally, the Ukrainian flag will be flown at the Ohio Statehouse and the Governor’s house in Bexley on Sunday in a show of solidarity with citizens in Ukraine as well as Ohio’s Ukrainian population.