COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Some Ohio lawmakers are taking the Columbus teachers’ strike as a call to action.

Lawmakers said the issues teachers say they are having at the Columbus City Schools district are not unique, so some Democrats said it is up to lawmakers to be sure this does not happen again anywhere else.

“The heart of the issue here is that teachers are demanding safe learning environments,” Ohio Rep. Allison Russo said (D-Upper Arlington).

Russo said the state has disinvested from the public school system for decades and now she said this strike is the result.

“What we’re seeing, not only in Columbus City Schools, but many of our districts in urban and rural areas across the state, is this lack of investment in public education,” Russo said.

Russo said a priority during this legislative session will be getting more funding for school districts across the state.

She said she supports teachers and their collective bargaining but is hopeful there’s an end in sight.

“We all want children to be back in the classrooms and so I do hope and encourage that these negotiations will continue,” Russo said. “I hope it gets resolved quickly.”

Ohio Rep. Dontavius Jarrells (D-Columbus) said it is important that every student across the state has access to good education.

“How we get there is by making sure we are creating environments that are environmentally friendly to our young people,” Jarrells said.

NBC4 reached out to several Republicans at the statehouse; some declined to comment, others have not responded.  NBC4 also reached out to Gov. Mike DeWine’s office, which said it has no comment but is monitoring the situation.