COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Columbus police have now arrested all three of the suspects accused in a robbery near a convenience store that left a man dead.

Officers spotted two of the suspects on Friday — 17-year-old Jebrelle McClendon and a 16-year-old — and took them into custody on Tuesday. Both are facing aggravated murder and aggravated robbery charges. NBC4 does not name juveniles under 17 unless they are actively being searched for or are being charged as an adult.

McClendon and the 16-year-old were the last of three suspects sought in the June 25 death of 24-year-old Neal Smith. The Columbus Division of Police previously arrested Ke’Anu Logan, 21, on Aug. 3, and charged him with aggravated murder.

According to CPD, video showed that Smith was buying something at a convenience store while the three suspects watched and followed him. Outside near Argyle Drive and Woodland Avenue, they confronted Smith. Witnesses said Smith yelled, “Just take it!” before someone fired shots, and the three suspects got in a car and drove away.

“He was there to do something very mundane and these guys decided to gun him down for whatever cash he had on him,” said Columbus Police Detective Terry Kelley.

Smith died after the shooting, and the gunfire also struck a nearby woman who wasn’t involved. As the three suspects ran away, Smith also ran and collapsed by the injured woman.

“Neil told that person when he landed on the ground close to them that he was sorry,” Kelley said. “And for his last thought, to apologize to that person that was struck, that stands out to me. Kinda tells me how good of a person he actually was.”

When NBC4 checked with Franklin County Municipal Court, Logan was the only suspect who had records available. He had no future court date set as of Tuesday.

McClendon and the 16-year-old suspect are scheduled for a preliminary hearing in Franklin County Municipal Court Wednesday.