COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Dashcam footage released by Columbus Police shows the chaotic moments leading up to a deadly shootout on Interstate 70 in downtown Columbus in July.

Police were chasing three men suspected in a crime rampage. Their final confrontation left one of the suspects dead and a Columbus Police officer injured.

NBC4 sat down with Brian Steel, the Executive Vice President of the Fraternal Order of Police Capital Lodge 9, to get a better perspective of what goes through an officer’s mind during a pursuit. He walked us through step by step what happens.

Steel said there are a lot of split-second decisions and a lot of factors to consider.

“This is worst case scenario for a police officer,” Steel said.

In the video, we first see the suspects driving the stolen Porsche after their second robbery.

The suspects sped over the lawn, and police followed. They zoom onto the road, then across traffic. Police chase them through a parking lot then back onto the road.

Steel said in this case, their challenge is communication.

“It is sometimes difficult when you have multiple zones, multiple channels, multiple jurisdictions involved. This actually started in Whitehall,” Steel said.

The suspects weave in and out of traffic for about 15 minutes. This is going on both highways and interstates. Steel said the suspects in the stolen car were driving over 100 mph.

In the video you can hear the radio calls from officers alerting officers of the suspects’ location.

Steel said one of the dashcam videos is from the cruiser of the injured officer. This officer comes in contact with the suspect on the broad street on the ramp to I-70 just past the I-670-70 split.

“Now we know we are coming downtown naturally. You have a bottle neck and there is some congestion over there,” Steel said.

The officers got closer to the suspects’ stopped car. Steel said at this point they are not sure if they crashed or are just stopped. You can see two suspects hop over the median; the third suspect gets out of the car.

“That individual right there he had a decision to make. He could have ran and tried to flee but he is now going to take a defensive position and use that vehicle for cover,” Steel said.

That suspect standing near the car was killed.

A Columbus Police officer was shot and seriously injured. Steel said with every mile, another choice comes.

“The traffic, the speeds, the weather and these are all things they are relaying to their supervisor to decide to continue pursuing or not,” Steel said.

Steel said there are situations where officers will decide to back down from a pursuit if the need to get the suspect does not outweigh public concern.

In the video you see some people move over fast when they hear the sirens, others do not.

Steel said it is important for drivers and officers’ safety to be on the lookout and move over quickly.

Steel said the injured officer is not back to work and is still recovering.