COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Columbus Public Health is looking to make some changes when it comes to vaccine clinics, particularly families with young children. 

They’ve also decided to make some adjustments to a clinic in the community this weekend. Dr. Mysheika Roberts says they’re working to see if they can add some more Saturday clinics. 

This after they had to stop taking walk-ins last Saturday because of the sheer number of people looking for COVID vaccines. 

Dr. Mysheika Roberts says she’s pleased to see so many people eager to get vaccinated. Because of the demand last weekend they are extending their Saturday clinic in Worthington. 

“Lessons learned from last weekend. We had a high interest in our Saturday clinic, and we anticipate that to be the same this Saturday, and so we wanted to give more families time to come in.” 

Columbus Public Health will be offering the pediatric COVID vaccine, adult doses, boosters and flu shots clinics at Worthington schools on Friday evening, and Saturday during the day. 

Dr. Roberts says they’re working on more potential Saturday options in the future. 

“We realize that our community needs more accessible vaccine clinics that are after hours, that can accommodate those working families and those kids in the classroom. So, we are looking into hosting more of those in the future, but we knew need to at least accommodate the Worthington community this weekend for hours.” 

Around the city, Columbus Public Health hosts ten clinics throughout the week. Several are at the health department, two at fire stations, and then another 3 at community centers. 

“What we’ve learned is it’s best to go to places that the community is familiar with — we’ve learned that when working with some of our minority community as well — so going to the Worthington schools having that partnership with Worthington school district is really important to us.” 

Dr. Roberts says if people are looking to get vaccinated before the holidays. Please come see them, even if it’s just to start the process before Thanksgiving. 

“Don’t think ‘oh I won’t get any protection if I get vaccinated today in time for Thanksgiving,’ it’s better than nothing,” she said.  

The Saturday clinic in Worthington will be held a Perry Middle School. Again, those hours have been extended and is now 9am to 3pm to accommodate more families. There’s also a clinic tonight at Thomas Worthington High school from 3:30pm to 7pm.