COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The number of students getting vaccinated against COVID-19 at The Ohio State University is on the rise.

According to university spokesperson Ben Johnson, more than 73 percent of returning students, staff, and faculty are vaccinated.

“We said, at the beginning, we wanted to get to between 70 and 80 percent,” Johnson said. “The numbers are good enough here, a week before school starts, that now we’re hoping we can get to above 80 percent, maybe even 90 percent.”

The university is requiring all students who will be on campus for any reason to be tested for COVID-19 upon their arrival. The tests are being administered at the Jesse Owens North Recreation Center, where vaccinations are also being offered.

Dana Moore, an incoming senior, was one of a number of students to get vaccinated there.

“It’s a blessing,” Moore said. “I was personally slow to doing it. Last year, they had all the walk-in opportunities and I just never got around to doing it, but now that it’s back here at a place I’ve already been to a hundred times, I might as well get the vaccine here.”

Johnson said more than 75 percent of classes will be held in-person when the new semester begins next week.

More than 80 percent of Ohio State’s students have reported their vaccination status to the university, as they are required to do.