COLUMBUS (WCMH) — COSI has announced the single largest exhibit of the Marvel Universe will be coming to Central Ohio later this fall.  

During a ceremony Wednesday, leaders from COSI announced that the exhibition “Marvel: The Universe of Super Heroes” will be coming to the museum starting Nov. 26 and will run through May 30, 2022.  

The exhibit will feature more than 300 original artifacts, including some of Marvel’s most iconic costumes, props, and original art. 

“This is one of the most exciting and groundbreaking exhibitions to live inside COSI’s walls, and we cannot wait to welcome COSI guests and Marvel super fans alike to be wholly-immersed into the Marvel Universe in a truly memorable and once-in-a-lifetime way” said COSI CEO and President, Dr. Frederic Bertley. “In challenging times we often look to super heroes – ordinary people doing extraordinary things to help our communities – our world.  It’s truly an honor for COSI during such times to be the home to such an iconic experience that celebrates the super heroes in the Marvel Universe, a recognition of the potential super hero in all of us.” 

This display, much which hasn’t been seen by the public before, will feature many of your favorite Marvel characters including Captain America, Black Panter, and Captain Marvel.  

Admission into the exhibit is $15 ($13 for COSI members). To reserve your tickets in advance and for more information, visit