COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – It’s been a busy few days at the Columbus Convention Center this week, with a big conference wrapping up Wednesday.

The Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) held its Convening Leaders conference from Sunday through Wednesday, and it’s estimated to have brought in millions of dollars to the city on its own. Now, leaders hope it will end up bringing more money into Columbus.

PCMA is an organization representing those who manage business events, conferences, and conventions.

For the first time, the Convening Leaders conference was held in Columbus, and Experience Columbus said it’s something the group has been working on for years, with the hope that people who attended will bring their own companies back in the future.

“These past few days, with hosting PCMA, has been phenomenal for our community,” said Dan Williams, chief sales officer for Experience Columbus, a tourist information organization. “To be able to host a convention of this magnitude in our community and to showcase as we did, it’s definitely a gold star for Columbus.”

Williams said the conference brought in 3,300 people, many of them meeting planners for companies around the country and the world. He said the hope is those planners liked what they experience while here and bring their companies back.

“Ultimately, long term, you want these people to come back and bring their meetings to our community, which provides a lot of tax dollars for our community and back to the city,” he said.

According to Williams, from Sunday through Wednesday, about $5.6 million in visitor spending was brought in by the convention. He said events that end up coming as a result of the convention could bring a lot more.

“Within the next 10 years, hosting one of these types of conventions, you’re looking at hundreds of millions of dollars of economic impact to your community,” he said.

Barbara Scofidio is the editor of Prevue, a meeting industry magazine. She was in town for the PCMA conference, her first time in Columbus.

“Incredibly surprised and pleased, and I’ve been posting on social media about it for two days,” she said. “This city has a lot of elements you would see in a larger city, but it’s not quite as large.”

Scofidio wasn’t the only one surprised. Williams said many of the attendees said they were pleasantly surprised with the city as well.