COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The Columbus Division of Police and the Recreation and Parks Department are teaming up to address youth violence in the city.

On Sunday, they hosted a youth summit offering family resources and services, with the goal of making a safe space for children and young adults, offering them somewhere they can learn about conflict resolution, mental health resources, and community support services.

Many community organizations attended, including We Are Linden, Columbus City Schools, and Mothers of Murdered Columbus Children.

One community activist and Ohio State University student attended the event with Columbus police, saying having conversations about gun violence is important.

“I feel like, as somebody that’s only 19 years old, that’s something that we really lack, to be able to connect with the youth and be able to understand exactly, like, you know, what’s going on and why we’re seeing some of the violence that we’re seeing right now,” activist Daizhon Cox said.

Sunday’s event was the first youth summit held in Columbus, with the hope that interest grows to make the next one even more successful.