COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Some community members are questioning the process of the Franklin County Prosecutor.

They gathered outside his office Thursday to call attention to the specific case of Krieg Butler.

Butler was charged with the murder of 13-year-old Sinzae Reed two weeks ago, and his case has since been dismissed by the municipal court.

A felony case being dismissed by the municipal court is typical protocol for the county prosecutor. The next step is normally indictment, and then the case will be picked up by the common pleas court. But right now, there is no word on when or if that will happen.

Family and friends of Reed rallied outside County Prosecutor Gary Tyack’s office, yelling things like “no justice, no peace.”

Among them were Reed’s sister and mother. His sister said she will not stop until there is justice.

Reed was shot and killed on Oct. 12 at the Wedgewood Village Apartments. The next day, 36-year-old Butler was arrested and charged with Reed’s murder.

Witnesses said they saw Butler exit his truck before the shooting then get back in and drive away after, according to his arrest warrant document.

Butler appeared in court later that week where he was arraigned on those murder charges – and he claimed it was self-defense.

Court records show on Oct. 20, the case was dropped by the municipal court, per the prosecutor’s request. The prosecutor’s office said in a statement it’s “standard practice” for the municipal court to drop felony cases — since the court can rarely hear them.

It’s been one week since the case was dropped, and there are no signs of it being picked up by the common pleas court.

In a statement, Tyack’s office said the case is under review to determine if it will be sent to a grand jury for indictment. They were unable to say when that might occur.