COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — How much should Columbus’ elected officials be paid? A group of five residents is scheduled to begin discussing the matter this week.

The City of Columbus’ Citizens’ Commission on Elected Official Compensation is set to hold its first meeting in four years this Wednesday, and the public is invited to participate.

The commission is charged with reviewing and recommending the salaries for every elective officer of the city, including the mayor, city council members, the auditor, and the city attorney.

Salary recommendations made by the commission will include an annual cost of living raise.

Voters approved the commission in 2014, and the commission, which makes recommendations every four years, last met in 2018.

The commission members, selected by the mayor and city council, are:

  • Michael Kasler, chairperson
  • Fred Ransier
  • Keisha Jenkins
  • Sarah Ingles
  • Qiana Williams

The commission’s meeting will be held in city council’s chambers at Columbus City Hall Wednesday, Jan. 19, starting at 10 a.m. Anyone who cannot or wishes not to attend the meeting in person can participate remotely via Facebook or YouTube.

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