COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A baby koala born at the Columbus Zoo in May finally has a name.

Kora the koala, weighing in at a mere 600 grams, made her named debut Wednesday on the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium’s social media pages. Her name, voted by zoo staff, combines her parents’ names: Katy and the late Thoar.

Thoar, a 6-year-old marsupial remembered for his spunky attitude and curiosity, was euthanized in July after his health significantly declined. He and Katy had a previous joey — a baby — named Ellin in 2020.

In a photo the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium shared with the post, Kora appears to be adapting well to the demands of a koala’s life: In her mother’s arms, she grips a eucalyptus tree, the host of nearly all of a koala’s nutrition source.