COLUMBUS (WCMH) – As crowds return to Central Ohio venues, some are debuting new technology. This week, CAPA announced patrons can use a health verification app to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.

After more than a year of closed doors and exclusively virtual events, the organization included masking, as well as the vaccination and/or testing requirement in its reopening plan.

“In order to make the space as safe as possible, we know that vaccinated patrons have a smaller chance of transmitting the virus and carrying it,” explained Jason Gay, the Vice President of Operations at CAPA.

Since CAPA-run venues reopened, Gay said checking each ticket holder’s vaccine card or test result has proven to be a cumbersome process. To streamline entry, the organization is partnering with free health verification app Bindle. Users can upload their vaccination or testing information and the app converts it into an encrypted digital credential for a participating venue.

Bindle is one of a growing number of digital options to store and verify health information.

“It’s fairly easy to do. It’s just taking a few minutes and one extra step. You’ve got to do it to go and do those things,” said Mike Moran, a cybersecurity expert and the President of Affiliated Resource Group.

Moran has used similar applications or websites for traveling and visiting countries, cities or venues with vaccine requirements. He explained many of the apps are encrypted so the companies, governments or individuals scanning the credential aren’t able to access the user’s information.

“While in today’s world nothing is guaranteed to be secure, you are going to have to kind of make that leap of faith that they are doing a reasonable level of protection,” he said.

Gay said CAPA chose to partner with Bindle because of its reputation with other organizations within the industry. The company’s website says it does not access user data and never shares personal information with places a user visits.

CAPA venues will continue to accept a paper copy or photo of a vaccination card as proof of vaccination status.

The organization said its safety protocols, including the vaccine requirement, are subject to change with evolving health guidance and case numbers.

“We don’t want to have any setbacks. So these safety measures and the layering of safety we’ve been doing is our part to make sure that we can keep having live entertainment in central Ohio and keep bringing patrons into the building,” said Gay.

You can find CAPA’s full list of safety protocols by clicking here.

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