COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Columbus restaurant and bars are awaiting the arrival of sports betting in Ohio next week.

Many establishments have been approved to have kiosks in house so guests can place live bets beginning Jan. 1. Mitchell Allen, the owner of Zeno’s in Harrison West, said he thinks this will be a huge boost for business.

“Sports betting is huge right now,” said Allen. “Having the availability for us to make some money off it will be great for business.”

Allen said he’s been preparing to bring sports betting into his restaurant for more than a year, and will have to work with the staff to train the system. Zeno’s already has two kiosks run by Ohio Lottery, and Allen said he will but more if they’re a big hit.

“We are excited about it,” said Allen. “I think it will add another way for people to have fun in the bar and enjoy games they wouldn’t necessarily watch. I’m kind of learning on the go right now but we are waiting to see how it rolls out on the first.”

Around 200 businesses in the state are approved to have kiosks, and guests can place up to $700 in bets each week.

Donerick’s Pub will have betting kiosks at all seven of their locations. They are opening a new location on Henderson road and hope to install a kiosk there, too. General Manager Marianne Lausch said their owner and managers have been taking classes to make sure they are ready for the big day.

“Basically when you come up you will have the option to do your sports betting from here. You will still be able to do your keno and your Ohio Lottery, but you’ll be able to do everything from one stop,” Lausch said.

Lausch said since they have been preparing for so long, she said the anticipation feels like Christmas. She thinks it will be a big hit with their customers and she is excited to bring in something new.

“Once the software is installed, we are ready to go. We are just excited about a new way to cater to our customers,” Lausch said. “How convenient is it for everyone to come in, watch the game, order a drink, place their bet all in one seat.”