COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Drivers, pedestrians and cyclists in Columbus will soon see 71 resurfaced streets and a host of traffic calming devices throughout the city.

The City of Columbus announced its plans Thursday to repave 71 streets and add traffic slowing devices like speed humps and curb extensions to improve mobility, according to a news release from the Department of Public Service.

The $8.68 million investment is the second phase of the city’s 2022 resurfacing program, bringing the total investment for this year’s capital improvements project to more than $23 million, the release said.

“We appreciate how important a safe and smooth street surface is to our residents as they drive, bike and walk in their neighborhoods,” said Jennifer L. Gallagher, director of the Department of Public Service. “Street resurfacing is an important capital investment made by the city each year to support safe mobility throughout our community.”

The program’s second phase will install 299 new Americans with Disabilities Act curb ramps at intersections along the 71 streets that will be resurfaced, for a total of 695 new ADA ramps constructed and 162 streets repaved in 2022, according to the city.

Traffic calming devices will be added to two areas: Bryden Road, where curb extensions will be constructed at intersections between 17th and Fairwood avenues; and Atcheson Street from St. Clair Avenue to Taylor Avenue, where speed humps will be installed.

Both locations were identified by Vision Zero Columbus, a city initiative aimed at ending traffic-related fatalities and injuries, as areas in need of greater pedestrian and traffic safety, the release said.

“Whether you’re on two feet, two wheels, four or more, our city is investing in transportation infrastructure improvements to ensure safe travel by all modes,” City Councilmember Lourdes Barroso de Padilla, chair of the Public Service and Transportation Committee, said.

Visit the City of Columbus’ website for a complete list of streets that will be resurfaced.