COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Thursday was the third day in a row central Ohio was under an air quality alert, causing some local summer camps to pivot.

“We were out on the patio last night and thought I smelled smoke,” said Eric Heiser who’s from Wilmington and was visiting family in Columbus.

The elderly, people with asthma and those with respiratory conditions are more likely to feel the effects of the lower air quality, according to the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission. This has led some area summer camps to make some changes.

It’s the first week of summer camps run by the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department.

“We have basketball, we have art, there’s a lot going on indoors as opposed to outdoors today,” said Dominique Shank, Community Relations Chief for the department.

Usually, a lot of activities take place outside, but Shank said more have been moved inside because of the current conditions.

“We are monitoring the current situation regarding the air quality. Our children are our first priority and so we’re monitoring any children with any signs of distress such as asthma,” Shank said. “We’re focusing our activities indoors while the air quality alert is active.”

She said the hope is things are back to normal next week with more happening outside.

“The kids seem to be enjoying the gym, they’ve been in here playing basketball here at Berliner. Kids are adaptive, they are resilient, they’re ok, they’re enjoying the activities being offered,” Shank said. “It’s summer, so kids are just happy to be out of school enjoying their free time. We support that for the kids here.”