COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Columbus City Council is looking for community feedback on what improvements the city can fund with specific grant money.

City leaders estimate there will be approximately $17 million worth of grants that will be funneled into the city through the HUD Annual Action Plan.

“Community Development Block Grants, the HOME investment partnerships, the Emergency Solutions Grant, and Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS,” said Columbus Councilmember Emmanuel Remy, listing the grants the city will have available.

The city is required to submit an annual plan for the funds to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, with much of the focus on affordable housing.

“We’re looking at numerous rental projects being completed,” said Rita Parisa, housing administrator for the city’s department of development. “We estimate approximately 440 affordable units in total will be completed. Of those, 33 are considered assisted with HOME funds.”

A proposed $100,000 for lighting improvements in Linden, but also recreation projects like playground equipment replacement and specifically, $3 million for the Glenwood and Windsor pools.

“Each of these existing pools are about 50 or more years old and are overcrowded, heavily expensive to maintain,” said Morgen Wade, management analyst with Columbus Recreation and Parks.

Three people spoke up during the public comment period of the meeting. One individual requested help for Haitians in need of housing in the city.

A second, Brian Miller, asked to see funds put toward housing opportunities for Columbus residents.

“The people that live in these communities are being excluded from the investment opportunities,” he said. “As a real estate investor who has personally sold property to out-of-state investors, I would love to see more money and programs allocated for people in Columbus to acquire these properties as assets.”

To see the entire plan or to submit public comments, click here. The deadline for public comment is Dec. 6.