COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — This week marks the third week for new bus routes for students in and around Columbus City School District.

Columbus City Schools interim Superintendent Angela Chapman said at Tuesday’s school board meeting that the district’s transportation center is still receiving about 1,000 calls each day. As for the transportation call center — it’s still facing some challenges.

Chapman said most buses are on time and all routes are covered.

“The call center remains busy with more than a thousand calls a day coming in and the team continues to work one on one with families as they continue to call into our call center,” she said.

District Communications Director Jacqueline Bryant said there have been adjustments at the call center.

“We’re back to regular staffing, so we have 12 staff members in the call center,” she said. “If you recall at the beginning of the month, we doubled our number of staff.”

“If I’m looking at it from why the volume is staying as high as it is, we had the extra staff that were on hand for the first three days, the 4th, 5th, and 6th (of January), which was fabulous and helped out,” said Rodney Stufflebean, the interim Director of Transportation for the district.

Bryant said most of the calls regarding busing now are very specific for families, who have concerns either about a bus stop or how far students have to walk to get to the stop. She said those issues are getting addressed right now.

“Now some of our staff are having to go through those support tickets to answer any potential questions, so that may be creating a continued delay in responding, but they’re being answered,” she said.

Bryant said the district is working with human resources and substitute services to add some staff to help out.

“Any adjustments that need to be made will be made and they’ll work with families to ensure that that’s done, but relatively, I think things are going well and every day is a new day, so we still ask for continued patience and grace as we go through the process,” Bryant said.

Columbus City Schools transports about 38,000 students a day to both public and non-public schools.