COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Security measures have been increased at all Columbus City Schools (CCS) high schools after a student stabbed another student late last week.

Additional screenings of students’ bags and belongings are taking place when they arrive in the morning, according to a district spokesperson. The move comes after a student was stabbed by another student at Mifflin High School on Friday.

The spokesperson said the student who was stabbed was treated by the school nurse. Police said the suspect has been charged with felonious assault.

Some parents are questioning how a student was able to get a knife into the building given CCS has been using new weapons detectors since February.

“Since implementing our daily security screenings at all our high schools in February, we have seen a significant decrease in weapons or other items of concern being brought into our buildings,” district spokesperson Jacqueline Bryant said in a statement.

Other parents are concerned about how long the additional screenings are causing some students to wait outside.

“There’s just been extremely long lines outside of the school trying to get in. This morning, my son waited for around 45-50 minutes in the rain in about 35-degree temperatures just to get in the building,” parent Andrew Norris said.

Norris’ son goes to Whetstone High School. He said he’s heard of this issue at other high schools as well.

“I think most people are glad to have the safety measures in place, there just needs to be a better execution of it,” he said. “They’re not any safer standing outside in a line waiting to get into school than they are inside the school without the security.”

Bryant acknowledged the delays.

“Understandably, the additional bag screenings have led to longer wait times at a few of our high schools,” she wrote in her statement. “However, it’s important to remember that safety procedures may often involve increased wait times. The District recognizes the importance of every minute of student instruction and will continue to evaluate and adjust the entry procedures to minimize delays and increase the efficiency of the process.”