COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The Columbus City School District took another step this week to try to keep weapons out of schools, approving the purchase of dozens of walk-through metal detectors.

The move comes less than a year after CCS started using wand metal detectors.

The district is spending just over $261,000 on 60 of the walk-through detectors.

School board members haven’t always been OK with these, but they said communication about them is key now that they are.

Parent D’Marte Williams referenced two incidents Tuesday where a loaded gun was found in two students’ backpacks at two district high schools – East High School and Whetstone High School.

“See what I’m saying? That’s bad,” said Williams, who has two children in the district. “Me, as a parent, that is something that I fear. I really do.”

Williams said she has mixed feelings about the approved detectors.

“We are dealing with some very violent times right now and I feel like it’s very necessary to have that,” she said. “How are these children going to feel when they come into school and they got to go through this?”

Board members shared similar concerns.

“You only see those at certain places and to have never seen it in one of our schools before, what does that signal to our students and communities,” asked Dr. Tina Pierce, a CCS board member.

Board member Eric Brown said he has not always supported the metal detectors. While he is now, he and other members of the board said the district’s communication about them to families is extremely important.

“We want everybody safe and healthy, but I think we can really work at how we do it in a way that doesn’t itself frighten our community and frighten our students,” Brown said.

The decision on where and when the new detectors will be in use hasn’t been announced. A district safety and security update is planned for the next board meeting on Oct. 4.