COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Right now, millions of dollars are going toward the construction of a real time crime center in Columbus.

The project is not slated to be done until 2027, but Columbus police are already running a fully operational center in the meantime.

It serves as a hub for dispatch services to inform officers and gather information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“We are going to respond. The question is, how much information do you want available to officers?” said Deputy Chief of Columbus Police Tim Myers. “The function of this center right now is to focus on what’s happening on the street right now and provide real time intelligence for the officers that are responding to help focus them in on where they need to be.”

Deputy Myers said the center has been operational for just over four months.

During peak hours on Thursday to Sunday, officers monitor radio channels, patrol routes and alert crews on the ground quickly when a response is needed.

“This is all about pulling information streams from different sources and analyzing it quickly so that we can have a more surgical approach,” Myers said. 

The real time crime center has access to more than 2,000 cameras all across the city. 

Some of them citizens can see – while others they may not. The number is constantly increasing as they expand their network.

“It’s part of a cycle. So eventually that information is handed off to our crime analysts or criminal intelligence analysts. So they’re the ones that are connecting the dots,” Myers said. “For me, it’s about smart policing… I want officers to have as much information as possible to make good decisions on scene.”

Deputy chief Myers says the real time crime center off of Carolyn Avenue is expected to be completed sometime in 2027.

In the meantime – they’ll continue expanding the current center so that it can be a seamless transition once it’s done.