COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The Tie-Tying Ceremony is an annual event at the Columbus City Preparatory School for Boys. 

Each student is matched with a community leader who shows them how to tie a tie and how to tie themselves to success.

Leaders from the school board, city council, city government and police gathered at the school Friday morning as the sixth through eighth grade students learned the art of tie-tying.

“It’s very important to learn how to tie a tie and everybody just comes out to support,” said eighth grade student Jordan Simmons.

School principal Dr. Michael Warren said it’s a skill the boys will use for the rest of their lives.

“We’re a uniformed school. We take pride in understanding that how we look may not define who we are, but it ultimately does give us an opportunity to set us up for the success that we hope and we aspire to have,” Warren said.

The Tie-Tying Ceremony is also symbolic, forming a connection between the students and community leaders.

“To be at an all-boys school where there are great young men that are going to be the future leaders of the city of Columbus, I want to do my part to support them,” said Columbus city attorney Zach Klein.

School and city leaders want to stand behind the boys. Dr. Warren said knowing that can help them grow up to be confident and successful men.

“We need to see the community here to show our scholars what they have to look forward to and to remind them that they are not by themselves. They don’t have to do this school journey alone,” Warren said.

It’s a simple act, but school and city leaders said they hope the students understand the significance behind their tied ties.