COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Members of the Columbus Division of Police will be sporting some new uniforms this week.

Revealed by the department Monday, the new uniforms consist of a navy blue button-up shirt or a navy blue vest carrier over a navy blue shirt. Both the blue button-up shirt and the vest will have an embroidered badge on the left side and the officer’s last name and badge number on the right.

Police officers and sergeants will be required to wear the new uniforms daily, while police with a ranking of lieutenant or higher will have the option of wearing either the new uniforms or the traditional white uniform.

The new uniforms have a place for officers to wear body cameras, police said.

Officers will also have a traditional white uniform of a long-sleeve white shirt, metal nameplate and badge, black tie, and a white eight-point hat. The department said this uniform is reserved for ceremonies, funerals, other formal occasions, or when approved by the chief.

In addition, high-ranking supervisors within the department — lieutenants and higher — may wear what the division said is a Class C uniform, which is similar to the traditional white uniform, but can be either a long-sleeve or short-sleeve white shirt and an optional black tie.

In an announcement about the new uniforms, the department said the traditional white shirt uniform shirt has been worn by the department for many decades.

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