COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A Columbus Division of Police (CPD) officer recently got to play a special role in the lives of a mother and her baby girl.

It was the night of Oct. 21 and Officer Lauren Foster had just finished responding to a different call in southeast Columbus. She was in her cruiser when a woman waved at her and came over to the car.

“My daughter-in-law is in labor and I think she is having the baby in the back of my car,” the woman said to Foster.

It was the first time Foster found herself in a situation like this.

“This is absolutely a first. Not at all what I was expecting to be doing that night. I’ve never been on a baby delivery before,” Foster said. “You get all sorts of stuff like you said and you just kind of roll with what you get and to be the best that you can.”

Foster quickly went over to the woman in the car. She began talking to her and helping her. The conversation was recorded on Foster’s body camera.

“I thought a little bit about both my girls being born and being there with my wife and what she was experiencing but a lot of my focus was right there on the mom,” Foster said. “Different end of the delivery, different experience, and I was very focused on trying to make sure the baby was delivered ok.”

Foster called medics as soon as she was waved down by the mother-in-law. She thought the delivery wouldn’t happen until medics arrived. The baby girl had other plans. Foster caught the baby.

The baby is heard crying in the body camera footage as well as Foster congratulating the mother.

“I’ve got kids, they’re such a blessing and it’s an honor, an unexpected honor to be a part of another mother bringing their child into the world,” Foster said. “Didn’t expect it, wasn’t planned, kind of hope it doesn’t happen again since it was a little bit scary but it’s a special moment and I’m glad I was able to be there for her and for the baby.”

From the time Foster was waved down to the time the baby was born was about four and a half minutes. She said she called the hospital later that night and talked to the mother. Both mom and baby were doing well.