COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, with representatives from the Columbus Division of Police, announced Wednesday the outcome of a multi-agency plan aimed at taking organized criminal operations with ties to gun violence off of Columbus streets.

The city took part in the second phase of “Operation Overdrive,” and agents are calling the plan a success.

Those leading the mission said data and crime statistics helped solidify the focus of the operation on the Easthaven neighborhood. Agents said 53 people were arrested on violence, drug, and fraud charges, with 14 of those deemed by law enforcement as “priority investigative targets.” Columbus police said those individuals were responsible for a large amount of the violent crime happening in the Easthaven area.

“Typically when you look at the crimes, they don’t just stay in silos,” said Columbus Division of Police Chief Elaine Bryant. “They transcend to other crimes, so anytime we are able to address or take someone off the street, we are probably saving a life or we are probably saving someone from being feloniously assaulted.”

Also seized during Operation Overdrive were several drugs including fentanyl, more than 50 firearms, and three conversion devices, which change a handgun into a fully automatic weapon.