COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — ShotSpotter technology has played a role in dozens of arrests in Columbus. On Friday, that system was installed in one of the city’s most problematic areas: Wedgewood Village Apartments.

This year, there have been at least four shootings in that area. Columbus police say ShotSpotter will now directly alert them every time there is gunfire detected at Wedgewood.

“Officers there’s no question whether or not they will be notified. We know that with shot spotter technology,” said Columbus Division of Police Assistant Chief Gregory Bodker. “They will receive the notification quickly in less than a minute and our officers always respond. They will be responding to those calls for service whether it’s received in their mdc in the cruiser or whether someone happens to call in to 911.”

ShotSpotter officially went live at Wedgewood Friday. ShotSpotter technology is also being used in Linden and the Hilltop.

“Looking at the process that allows the officers who respond to either find a person who fired shots hopefully not find a victim that’s been shot, but we know it will allow them to link evidence so that we can solve crimes,” Bodker said. “It can actually go down to what caliber was used to fire, and how many rounds were fired.”

Police said studies show 80% of shots fired in urban areas go undetected. They hope this will change that statistic at Wedgewood.

Wedgewood has a decade-long history of violence. Just in the last two weeks, there has been one deadly shooting, and two days ago police said an 11-year-old was grazed by a stray bullet. Some Wedgewood residents say they are really working on cleaning up violence in the area. They hope ShotSpotter will help them with their mission.

“We need it. We are trying to get the violence down, we’ve got to work together, we need it,” said Christina Mcdaniel.

Police said last year ShotSpotter helped them recover shell casings in more than 1,000 separate alerts.