COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Saturday night’s shooting at Weinland Park that injured an 8-year-old girl was the fourth shooting at a city park in the last three weeks.

The other shootings happened at Saunders, Nafzger, and Westgate parks.

And while the scene at Weinland Park was active but calm, some there Sunday said they’re worried about the recent violence at city parks.

Some of those at the park were unaware of Saturday’s shooting but expressed concern once they were told.

Others like Monissa Davidson and her 9-year-old daughter Za’myah saw the police at the scene Saturday, and while they like going to the park, decided to just walk through it Sunday.

“She was scared, crying that it could have been a friend,” Davidson said. “I’m concerned because you never know when it’ll happen. I was actually telling her we’re just going to go get some books and then back home because I don’t trust it right now.”

An eight-year-old girl was shot in the stomach and an 18-year-old woman was stabbed in Saturday’s incident, which police said began as an argument between two groups at the park.

“It’s actually really scary hearing about it,” Davidson said. “Especially because she’s (Za’myah) is nine and she goes here, but it’s really sad, like I said, you never know who it is or who it’s going to happen to, so it’s terrifying.”

So far this spring, there have been four shootings at city parks: Nafzger and Saunders parks three weeks ago, a shooting at Westgate Park about 10 days ago, and Saturday’s incident at Weinland.

“It’s just disappointing that people are bringing violence into public places and ruining everybody’s peace of mind,” said Jacob Rindler, who was at Weinland Sunday.

Police say the parks are safe. Davidson said she’s glad an arrest has been made, but the fact the shooting happened in the first place has her concerned.

“It’s a great community, great people live around here, and then just for something like this to happen, it’s really sad and random,” she said.

Columbus police have stepped up patrols of the city’s parks, and one of those patrols was seen at Weinland on Sunday afternoon.