COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — After 23 bargaining sessions and a three-day teacher strike, Columbus City Schools and the Columbus Education Association have signed a new teachers’ contract.

“I’m sure that there’s always room for improvement, but the goal for labor contracts is usually progress, not perfection,” says Kristin McCormick, a CCS parent. She added there’s a sense of relief now that there’s a signed contract.

One issue on many community members’ minds is how the district would handle HVAC. The new contract has a provision that all learning and workspaces will be climate controlled by the 2025-2026 school year.

“It would be ideal if those things were able to be fixed in a shorter timeline than that, but at least there is now an enforceable timeline and that is really important,” McCormick said.

“The language is not as strong as I would like and the timeframe the board has to enact it is not as strict as I would like, but still, it went from nothing to something, so this is definitely a step in the right direction,” said Matt Monjot, another Columbus schools parent.

Monjot said the contract isn’t everything he wanted, but he’s happy to see class size reductions starting next year.

“It’s a little bit smaller for our teachers and they desperately need that and again, we need to keep on working,” he said. “They did two in this contract; we need another five in the next one and so on.”

Monjot said he’s looking forward to a typical school year for his freshman daughter.

“I think things from here can be fairly routine and I can go back to the normal,” Monjot said.

CEA members also saw a 4% bump in salary over the next three years, the duration of the new contract.

View more details and what concessions CCS teachers got by striking here. The entire conceptual agreement can be viewed below.