COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Columbus city leaders are inching closer to the final product of a new district map.

The Council Residential Districting Commission held its second meeting revealing new maps that accounted for 2020 Census data.

The maps focus on the districts which will make up the nine seats for future council elections. Each district will have its own member who must live in that district. Members will be at large, meaning even though they have a district, they can still be voted on by all city residents.

The commission addressed public comments Wednesday night, including a discussion on one apartment complex that was split between two districts and another requesting Clintonville remain its own district.

With just one commission meeting remaining, Columbus Councilmember Emmanuel Remy said public comment is still key to drawing up the maps.

“They’ll read those things on Nov. 3 and certainly take that into account before they release the Nov. 10 maps and then there will be another period of comments that will be available before they issue the final maps in December,” Remy said.

Columbus City Council will vote on one of the three maps created this December.