COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Parking meters are out, and zone parking is here in the city of Columbus.

It is a change that many might not have noticed these last few weeks. What remains of the parking meters, just the metal poles. Instead, you’ll need to look out for new parking signs that will designate zones.

There are a variety of different ways to pay for your parking spot – you will need to know your zone number and license plate number.

Metered parking, for the most part, is a thing of the past in Columbus.

“It does just kind of make you feel like can I just park here? Is it for the stores? What can I do,” said David Sherry commenting on the lack of parking meters – something he was used to seeing during previously visits to Columbus.

Maisy Talbot also noted the difference in parking, “Here it’s definitely a little bit different and not what I’m used to for sure.”

Talbot is visiting the city for the summer. She says at first, she wasn’t sure what was paid or free parking.

“I was kind of confused cause there’s some meters left I noticed? And then some of them are gone so I’m just not sure where you pay and where you don’t,” she explained.

The city recently finished removing meters and replacing those with kiosks for zone parking.

“You can still pay for parking the traditional way if you use coins but there’s some additional features,” explained Charles Newman with the Department of Public Service.

People can pay by the Park CBUS app, through a QR code, by text, or using a kiosk.

Newman says there will be a learning curve, so residents should keep an eye out for the new parking signs. He added there will still be some meters, specifically for handicap parking and 30-minute spots.

“We have our street team out — they’re going to have bright blue shirts on, if you need help parking you can see them. I also encourage people now is the perfect time to download the app to get familiar with the app, Newman said.

Folks from out of town say for them, the easiest way to know what’s free and what’s not is with the app.

“Mostly I’ve just been finding street parking with the app and the zones,” said Sherry.

Talbot added, “I think that more awareness and more I guess like advertisement of how to pay to park would be useful especially for someone who’s visiting like me.”

Newman says the rate for parking has stayed the same for residents. He also said there’s expected to be cost savings on the operational side.

Learn more about the parking changes and where to find kiosks in the city here, and how to park here.