COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)–The medical and business communities react to President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 action plan.

Dr. Ian Gonsenhauser with the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center and Doug Buchanan with Columbus Business First shared their perspectives about what this may mean for Ohio

Part of the plan is to have businesses with 100 employees to be vaccinated or have weekly testing.

Dr. Gonsenhauser said he’s thrilled by this part of President Biden’s plan.

“Honestly this may be too little too late for this delta surge but it could have a very significant impact the next surge that comes along — the next variant that comes along and that’s what we need to start being prepared for at this point,” said Dr. Gonsenhauser.

Doug Buchanan is the Editor in chief for Columbus Business First and looks at this through a different lens. He worries about what this requirement could mean for labor.

“I think that a lot of companies were already taking appropriate steps to get their people vaccinated,” said Buchanan, “If they weren’t doing a mandate now it’s because they were worried about the complexity, worries about losing workers.”

Buchanan explained the idea of weekly testing could also pose issues for businesses.

“Companies don’t want the expense. They don’t want the hassle and how is that going to play out in practical terms? And we just don’t know that, and they don’t know,” said Buchanan.

In the end, both Dr. Gonsenhauser and Buchanan expect this to boost vaccinations.

“They have a choice to either ask for the vaccination, mandate the testing or pay the penalty. So they have got a choice on how they want to manage this — nobody is forcing them to do anything specific, but we are trying to encourage the right decision to be made,” said Dr. Gonsenhauser.

He added he expects the next couple of weeks to be a challenge.

He said medical professionals are bracing themselves for a rise in hospitalizations with the number of cases we’ve seen these last few weeks.