COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Police are investigating yet another deadly shooting at a Columbus bar. This time on the south side.

The incident happened late Monday night at the Old Landmark bar on Rumsey Road. Two men were killed and three others were injured.

Officials say the five men involved got into a fight at the bar which escalated into a shootout.

This is the third deadly shooting at a Columbus bar in just three weeks. Mayor Andrew Ginther said it’s going to take more than just police to end the violence.

“I think it is another example of shooting first when there is any disagreement,” Ginther said. “There’s a proliferation of guns that are on our city streets and city streets throughout the country.”

Police arrived at the bar around 9:40 p.m. Monday to find 50-year-old Glen Clark suffering from a gunshot wound. Clark died on the scene and four others were rushed to Grant Medical Center. One of them, 38-year-old Nicholas Dowler, also died.

Ginther said because of the increase in violence at restaurants and bars, many business owners are going the extra mile with security.

“We know that the overwhelming majority of folks that operate bars and businesses in Columbus are working proactively, in some cases hiring officers or private security to make sure that their establishments remain safe,” Ginther said.

The mayor also said solving this problem will involve more than just police and business owners.

“We need common-sense gun safety regulation and we are going to continue to invest in more officers, but we also need the community’s help in solving these crimes and getting these guns off the street,” Ginther said.

These are the city’s 81st and 82nd homicides of this year.

Police are reviewing surveillance video from Monday night to determine what happened.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Columbus police at 614-645-4730.