COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A man who was shot while he carried out an armed assault received a pileup of prison time on Thursday.

Kyle Lucas, 33, received 14-18 years in prison after a Franklin County Court of Common Pleas judge convicted him of felonious assault, among other charges, in a single-day bench trial. Prosecutor Gary Tyack’s office said the case stemmed from an Oct. 13, 2022, incident where Lucas used a gun to threaten and assault his girlfriend’s father inside the man’s home.

The father used his phone to record the assault and a subsequent shooting, according to Tyack’s office. Lucas at first came into the father’s bedroom and verbally threatened him, after which the father called 911. Lucas then came back and physically assaulted the father with his gun. When he left again, the father pulled out his gun, and when Lucas returned still armed, the father shot him.

Lucas ran down the stairs and left his girlfriend’s father’s home. The prosecutor’s office said responding officers checked area hospitals for gunshot victims and found him in critical condition at Grant Medical Center. The girlfriend’s father’s phone video was used as evidence that later led to his arrest and conviction on these charges:

  • Felonious assault, which resulted in eight to 12 years added to Lucas’ prison sentence
  • A firearm specification on the assault charge added another three years
  • A repeat violent offender specification on the charge added another three years
  • Having a weapon under disability added another 12 months on the prison sentence.