COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A man is in custody on charges of abduction at a northeast residence in Columbus.

According to Columbus police, Austin Beatty, 27, was arrested for forcibly dragging his ex-girlfriend around her home in the 2400 block of Jeri Avenue in Argyle Park. The Franklin County Municipal Court affidavit states that on Nov. 16, Beatty showed up at the residence and was let in, and then accused his ex-girlfriend of talking to other men. He asked to look through the victim’s phone, then threw the phone and walked out the front door.

After the victim locked the door, police said Beatty, who had not lived at the residence since June 2022, returned and began kicking the door to try to regain entry. Fearing damage to the door, the victim let Beatty back in. He then grabbed the victim by the hair and neck, dragged her down the stairs and began choking her in the basement. Police say the victim’s vision became blurry and she briefly lost consciousness.

The report said Beatty then tossed property, clothes and boxes across the room before throwing the victim on a bed. He began hitting her and leaning into her chest with his forearm, while threatening to kill her.

The victim, who sustained injuries to the face, mouth, neck and upper chest, was able to escape and call the police. Beatty was arrested Thursday and is scheduled for arraignment Friday.