COLUMBUS (WCMH) – A Columbus man was sentenced Tuesday to up to 9 ½ years in prison for a case connected to the protests in the summer of 2020.

Brandon L. Pack, 26, was convicted on one count each of aggravated riot, vandalism, and breaking and entering, as well as three counts of felonious assaults on police officers.

Pack pleaded guilty in September. His sentence is for between 8 and 9 1/2 years.

Police said Pack was photographed while firing airburst mortar-based fireworks at police on the night of May 29, 2020. Several of the officers targeted read victim impact statements during Tuesday’s sentencing hearing.

In a written statement, prosecutors Jason Manning and Steve Schott said:

“On the night of May 29, 2020, many people took to the streets to exercise their constitutional right to protest, a right which must be protected. This defendant’s conduct, however, was not a peaceful protest. It was a planned, violent attack on our fellow citizens utilizing both mortar-style fireworks that can kill, as well as bricks and rocks. The officers who served that night suffered injuries such as a fractured foot, permanent hearing loss, and burns to their bodies. Further, they were targeted for a single reason: they wore blue. We are thankful to the men and women of our Columbus Police Department for their service.

“We absolutely support individuals’ constitutionally protected right to demonstrate, however – violence cannot be tolerated. As Mr. Manning and Mr. Schott stated, this individual’s conduct was not peaceful and it was unacceptable. We can work toward a more equitable society through protest, policy changes, and dialogue without resorting to violence,” stated Franklin County Prosecutor G. Gary Tyack. “Acts such as this discredit the message trying to be delivered and, most importantly, it risked the lives of officers.”