COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A former Ohio National Guard member and the man charged with making terroristic threats against a Columbus Jewish school has been arrested again on federal gun charges, something local Jewish leaders said should serve as a wake-up call.

Joel Marcovitch, the president of Jewish Columbus, said he felt relieved Wednesday to hear about the arrest of Thomas Develin for manufacturing “ghost” guns. However, he is also afraid of what could have happened.

“Thomas Develin was a massive wake-up call and should serve as a massive wake-up call to the general, wider community of the real threat the Jewish community faces every day,” Marcovitch said.

In addition to the gun charges, Develin was arrested in April for making terroristic threats against a Jewish children’s school, a school where he worked as a security guard.

“And that, for me, is terrifying, especially given the access he had to weapons and the knowledge he had to print guns,” Marcovitch said. “And the fact that when someone saw something and said something, he was allowed out of jail.”

He said the anti-Semitic words used by Develin on social media platforms were horrifying and city leaders need to step up to stop anti-Semitism in the community.

“We hope he stays in jail until the trial and therefore, he can get his day in court and explain himself, his actions, on why he decided to target Jewish children at one of our institutions for his delusion,” Marcovitch said.

Marcovitch said the Jewish community in Columbus spends approximately $1 million on security each year in fear of threats like these.