COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The city of Columbus is hosting some of the biggest names in college basketball for an all-star game.

Inside Nationwide Arena, a large crowd including athletes, talent, and entertainment, gathered for Saturday night’s matchup.

“This is awesome,” said former boxing heavyweight champion and Columbus native James “Buster” Douglas. “This is what I’m saying. Just being here to support.”

“It’s definitely nostalgic, man, and I’m just happy to be back, happy to be part of it,” said former professional basketball player Devin Green, who played in the game in the early 2000s.

The game featured players from Historical Black Colleges as well as Ohio’s traditional universities.

The event was organized by Classic for Columbus, and gives these athletes the opportunity to show off their skills and possibly further their careers.

Some of those players said it’s an honor to be able to perform in front of a large audience and bring some of their elite talents to Columbus.

“It’s been great,” said Marcus Ernst, playing for the Ohio All-Stars. “There’s been a lot of great energy from the Ohio team, real electric, so we’re looking forward to it.”

“This is like, this game is a once in a lifetime opportunity for some of us,” said Aaron Thompson, also playing for the Ohio All-Stars. “This could be some of our last games, but I think we’re just enjoying the opportunity.”

Not only does the game serve as a showcase for these players, but it also brings in approximately $10 million in revenue to the city and thousands of dollars in local scholarships to the area.

One of those organizations benefiting from the game is My Brother’s Keeper.

“Putting together a college career community fair, so we have several employers, community organizers, community partners,” said Kojo Kandi with My Brother’s Keeper.

While the game took place Saturday night, the event will continue Sunday.

NBC4 is a proud sponsor of the event.