COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A new high school — the Montessori EARTH School — is set to open this fall in Columbus.

It will be located at an old Ohio Dominican University-owned building on Woodward Avenue.

The name stands for “Environmental Action Through Research and Technology High.”

The school’s first administrator and teacher says the curriculum will have a special focus on the environment, social justice and community service.

“We are following a model that has been done at other Montessori schools but tweaking it for our specific context. And so we are really looking to have students engage with things that young people right now are very passionate about,” said Jenn Jordan, EARTH School teacher and administrator, and current middle school teacher at St. Joseph’s Montessori School.

Jordan says the new school will charge moderate tuition, use grants and loans from an affiliate foundation and eventually apply for EdChoice and a non-public charter school designation with the state.

“It’s always been part of Montessori to be sure we’re a school for everybody, but it’s not always easy to accomplish, so I think the EdChoice gives us a great opportunity,” Jordan said.

The school is set to begin with a ninth-grade class of 15 to 20 students this fall.

An open house will take place at the new school building on May 21, 2023.