COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Before the grand opening of its new tower, the Hilton Columbus Downtown is redesigning their employee uniforms, with help from the Columbus Fashion Alliance.

“The kids they’re excited about it, because a lot of them don’t get these opportunities to work with a corporate sponsor, or a partnership like this,” said Kevin Black, Production Manager for the Columbus Fashion Alliance.

Black says they’ve employed a group of fashion designers and creatives for the project, including local youth from the Columbus College of Art and Design. The project also uses local manufacturers here in Columbus, for the materials, fabrics and suits.

“Even down to like buttons, and the size of button holes, I mean, small things like that really matter,” said Black.

In a statement provided to us by Hilton Columbus, general manager, Christian Coffin said, “A big part of our focus with the new tower at Hilton Columbus Downtown is to truly shine a spotlight on the incredible talent that’s right here in our backyard.”

It’s that focus, which is inspiring future designers here in Columbus.

“For the youth that are witnessing this, to see that the community is interested in actually supporting our local creatives, it gives them a space to realize that they can have a budding career in Columbus,” said Black.

The new uniforms will be worn by front desk employees once the Hilton’s second tower opens, in late August or early September. Further, designs for other employees will follow throughout the year.