COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A children’s music album, which features songs from a local Columbus family, has been nominated for a Grammy Award.

“This album is one that we are very proud and excited to be a part of, and also share in with the other artists,” said Ceylon Wise, singer, and songwriter of the Wise Family. The album is called, “All One Tribe” and is made up of songs from 24 other musical artists and families.

However, Ceylon Wise and his family never expected they’d be nominated for a Grammy Award.

Their song, which is called “For All,” discusses American history and how people of color are treated. Meanwhile, other songs on the album address topics like Black culture, STEM, diversity, and vaccinations.

“So one of the blessings of the nomination is now there is a light that’s shining on these messages in this music,” Wise said.

For the Wise family, creating music is a way of life. Ceylon Wise is a musician and songwriter, his wife Ashely is a music teacher, and their sons Ceylon and Caleb are incredibly gifted at singing.

“We recorded it as normal as everything just went out well,” Caleb Wise said.

“I didn’t know how big it was, but, like, now that we’re actually in it, it’s like super big now,” added Ceylon Wise.

Their mission is to inspire other families to be themselves and celebrate their individuality, all through music.

“I really hope that when kids and families hear it that they are inspired, encouraged, that they have a sense of hope, and that they realize that they, too, can do it, and there’s a sense of pride there,” said Ashley Wise.

The “All One Tribe” album was released earlier this year on Juneteenth, and is available to stream online