COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A local faith leader is extending his condolences to the family of a six-month-old infant who died Saturday.

Ky’air Thomas died around 11:45 p.m. on Saturday after the Columbus Division of Police responded to reports of a baby not breathing at a house on East Whittier Street, according to a division spokesperson. Ky’air was taken to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, where medics pronounced him dead, police said.

Ky’air and his twin brother Kason were kidnapped on Dec. 19 when they were in the back seat of their mother’s car, which was stolen from the Short North. Ky’air was found a few hours later in the parking lot at Dayton Airport; Kason was found Dec. 22 in Indianapolis.

Bishop Harold Rayford says he felt like God spared the twins lives following the kidnapping and it was a miracle that both returned home alive to their family, and hearing about Ky’air’s death hurts.

“It broke my heart — you know because again my hopes were up for them for their family and the thought that to be on the roller coaster of what that family has gone through to realize one of them has passed away is heartbreaking,” he said.

Rayford says many in the community are asking why did this happen.

“It’s sad for our community — it’s sad for the Black community because this was one of our sons,” he said. “We wrapped around, we cheered when he was found. We were excited, and it was a positive reflection of humanity that so many people cared about these boys.”

The grandmother of the twins, Fonda Thomas, shared a statement Sunday asking the community to have compassion and empathy at this time. She also stated, “…we are living a nightmare with the community for a second time in less than a month. I’m questioning God, ‘Lord why, Ky’air?’ None of this seems real!”

“I want the family to know that we care for them,” Rayford said. “We are just as concerned today as we were a few months ago.” He added this could happen to any family in our community and that support is needed.

“I hope that we will wrap around anyone that’s helping children — every organization, every prenatal care, every organization that’s providing assistance, every nonprofit that’s helping the children of our community,” Rayford said. “They need our support now more than ever before.”

Again, the cause of death has not been released at this time, with the coroner’s office saying there will be no preliminary report.