COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The City of Columbus is no stranger to crime. This past weekend, there were eight shootings around the city.

In an effort to prevent violence, especially in places where families like to gather, the Columbus City Council has voted to extend increased police patrol at city parks until the end of September. The patrols were originally set to expire on Labor Day.

In the first half of the summer, violence was not uncommon at city parks with seven shootings happening at or near a park from April to mid-June.

But after implementing this program, crime numbers in those areas went down.

“I think having their visibility in the parks has been enough of a deterrent to actually not witness crime happen,” said Columbus City Councilmember Emmanuel Remy, chairperson of council’s Public Safety Committee. “That’s why we have our camera and light systems as well.”

He said the main reason for the extension was because of typically higher crime rates during warmer weather. The extension will allow for more police presence in parks until the end of September.

However, some Columbus residents think this should be a year-round thing.

“Violence just keeps going up,” said resident Joe Suarez. “Columbus has a great park system; we are blessed with that. So, we just want to keep everybody safe so we can keep coming out to enjoy the parks.”

Remy said council is constantly working with CPD to look at data and decide where the best places to station patrols.

“We are always evaluating,” he said. “We are going to use statistics and data to make sure that we are appropriately allocating our officers. But we are always looking for these opportunities to give people the opportunity to feel safe in their neighborhoods.”

This includes other areas of town as well. On Monday, council allocated $250,000 towards safety in the Short North.

Remy said the Short North and Downtown are highly populated areas and council wants people to feel safe at all times.

“We are continuing to work to look at investing in technology to make sure that there are capabilities out there, more cameras on the streets. We certainly are investing in our officers,” Remy said.

Remy said the city is also planning on investing in a permanent camera system around the city, similar to the temporary program in the parks this summer. He said if they feel the increased police presence is still necessary at the end of the month, they will extend it again.